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CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer: Decarboxylating Extract Post Winterization

The CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer may be an option for processors having challenges decarbing winterized extract in a vacuum oven, especially those processing distillate post decarboxylation. The MCS78 is unique in that the operator can perilously control the temperature of the solution-extract without overshooting the set point. The mathematics for the PID controller are such that its able to predict the heating pattern of the solution-extract and automatically adjusts the hotplate temperature to reach the set point as quickly as possible with no overshoot. The stir bar motor is controlled by the PID controller as well, no dislodging of the stir bar. The device can easily and completely decarb 2.5 liters of winterized extract. Attached is a step by step guide for decarboxylating extract and purging residual ethanol with the MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer.

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