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What is the best Ethanol Extraction Equipment out in the market in 2017?

edited August 2017 in Equipment

I'm looking at systems and I'm curious - what is the best Ethanol Extraction Equipment out in the market in 2017?


  • It's all about required volume per cycle which dictates equipment selection. Basically 2 x seperate stages, stage 1 ferment sugars to creat Ethanol, this is the cycle as takes about 7 - 8 days. The fermentation product is called mash.

    Stage 2 extract ethanol from the mash. The most common process is distillation. With high quality sugars and yeast, fermentation will yield +-11% of mash by volume into of 92% (not abv) ethanol.

    I.e. 200litres fermented mash will produce 23 liters of ethanol at 92% purity, again not abv. This ethanol is not potable as has high content of methanol which is toxic.

    FYI 200% abv = 100% purity. Most retail booze spirits contain 43% abv which = 21.5% purity

    I hope I understood your question and this helps, plus hopefully does not attract the attention of trolls

  • Colorado Extraction Systems in Golden, CO manufactures the best machine on the market. Imho. My wife and I have recently purchased one of their machines, and it is a pleasure to use. They are also a family run company, and great to deal with. Happy shopping!
  • Mile high distilling has reflux stills I got mine 93% ethanol 1st run first time I set it up! 26 gallon reflux still Colorado Denver 850$ bucks American I think.

  • Eden Labs just released an update to their Coldfinger Commercial, Ethanol Extractor -

    Really impressive unit!

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