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Emerald Cup 2017 Entry Results - Yet More Examples of the Importance of Homogenization

Of the entries tested for cannabinoid potency; topicals, edibles and tinctures, six had no THC or CBD detected, see attachments, Emerald Cup 2017.1 - Emerald Cup 2017.6 Given each contestant was required to pay $400.00 per entry; I’m certain each entrant entered their best THC-CBD product and were most likely bewildered when they received the potency analysis. I spoke with SC Labs and was told for the results that tested for zero cannabinoids another analysis was performed to be sure there were no errors.

The rest of the entries for topicals, edibles, and tinctures did have THC and CBD in them. Since the mg, mg/g, mg/ml were not listed on the label there’s no way to know how uniform the cannabinoid potency is or is not.

For folks using overhead stirrers, hotplate stirrers, drills with paint stirrer attachments, etc. to mix extract in carrier oils that are miscible or distillate with terpenes, if you’re not using a homogenizer you’ll get uneven distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes per batch processed.

Steve, CAT Scientific


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