Data Minecraft

Hello, I am new to extraction! I have really enjoyed and utilized the threads on this page. Cards on the table: I am way out of my element! My main trade is Native Plant Horticulture, but up until very recently, I was growing cannabis and managing teams of growers. I have a degree in Political Science with a minor in Middle Eastern studies. I just want to be a ski bum when I grow up and I despise working in windowless rooms. I also don't know how I ended up here. Its okay though! I love learning and I have managed to teach myself how to work our 20L Hi-Flo system. Basically a 3 month long troubleshoot, trial and mostly error, and a lot of wasted CO2 (failed maximator) and ethanol (malfunctioning distiller temp control). I have now reached a point where patterns are becoming identifiable and the process itself has stabilized. I feel the most appropriate thing now is to start data mining. I have a basic record run log which I attached. I made this the first week I got in the lab as the previous method for record-keeping was some lot stickers and a few sticky-notes: "THIS went in the machine and then THIS came out". The Process Run Record was my understanding for what I felt was important information to standardize a system/process at the time. It was an early perception so I feel that some of this info is unnecessary/redundant/non-conducive. To get to the point: I would love any feedback that anyone is willing to spare on how they take data, what they think is important, and maybe some tips and tricks on how to put that data to actual use. I realize how open-ended this is but i'm not asking for your proprietary secrets, just some friendly advice to someone who admittedly ditched his high school chemistry class too many times and is now really regretting it. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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