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How Effective is Water Extraction?

edited February 2018 in General
So recently i have heard of useing ice to extract oils. My question is how effective is this? What is the quality? Is the ice just a agitator to help extract the oils? Can this be achieved with warmer water?


  • Are you talking about Bubble Hash/Ice Water Hash? Dry Ice can also be used to extract.

  • I'm going to throw a bunch of info out here, anyone can feel free to jump in and correct or add, no worries! Here is my understanding from my experience making bubble hash and collaborating with other hash makers. The use of very cold water and or ice is important because the low temps make the trichomes more brittle and thus more easily extractable. Ice gives an additional mechanical separation aspect by giving something to help knock off trichome heads. Agitation is key, many will argue about what it too much or too little, too short or too long; a big caveat to this is time you can invest and what sort of production goals and quality standards you have in mind/need to meet. Plenty of table top washing machines are available on the internet that are specifically marketed toward this purpose. I believe I spent about $200 getting a nice set of bubble bags and a table top washer. I also have the benefit of an ice machine on site to help keep costs down; you can run through a lot of ice using this method of extraction. I've never seen potencies on bubble hash come close to those of polished co2 or hydrocarbon, the same could be said of yields. We primarily produce bubble hash as a sort of novelty at this point, not a huge demand but still a viable product that is fairly simple to produce. Hope this helps a bit and helps you gain some direction, feel free to ask fire away if you have other questions.

  • I want to add to this... I have had plenty of great bubble hash and it is certainly a unique product that many people love, myself included. At the end of the day my only qualms are the production level problems it presents as it is a very hands on process similar to rosin production. You can take post bubble hash plant material and extract from it (co2, BHO, etc.) to maximize your value. Those extracts, generally, will be lower in potency and require post processing; I've done this in the past and set those extracts aside for capsule production.

  • i'm one of those guys that think a slow gentle stir with a big wooden spoon is lame and does not produce even close to an affordable end product that can be is a waste of my valuable time....i am a high speed agitator

    heres my tip....have a mop handy if you do this every video and then tailor to your own needs......there is never enough extra

  • HaHa! Yes, I second the mop. I also agree, I tend to be on the side of 'heavy' agitation and I load the work bag almost full of ice to ensure plenty of sheering force hits as much surface area as possible. I would be very curious to hear about washes from anyone else on here. How many? How long for each on? What equipment or method of agitation is being employed?

    For example: I am using on of those table top washers to save effort and tend to do a 5 minute first wash and a 15 minute second wash.

  • ...i have recently switched from agitating in the bag to agitating in a bucket first....i can then do the separation in the bags in smaller increments...

    this method allows me to agitate larger amounts than my 5 gallon bags will hold and it stays frozen until i rinse.......cuts the time for washing multiple loads way down because you can spin it all at once ....rinse it in smaller amounts

    with many spins under your belt you can get a feeling for the timing of the agitation....i'm roughly the same as thunder in that aspect....kind of depends on the purpose of that particular spin.....

    buy a pocket will come in handy once you get experienced enough to do pre wash calculations and/or washes for other suppliers

  • I have owned an all mesh bubble bag company since 2003 , it is a dying art! A amazing product can be made by a proper hash artist! But here is the rub “uncontrollable results “ between batches and yield can vary,quality. Will also vary due to input material . Also don’t forget a bunch of physical labor. Ask me why I have an Eden 20l ! Lol!

  • Most critical is micron size of bags and agitation/friction time,and proper amount of ice (to much ice is bad,creates to much friction breaks down celllous matter ) . Think gold slew , 3 trash cans with plywood piece with hole cut to hold 5gallon bucket with bottom cut out ( bucket ring ) , put each bag in a seperate bucket ring , set in hole , set a transfer pump in bottom trash can , mix material in seperate can or for real ease buy a small cement mixer , then pour agitated mix though bag 1 then pump from can to the next bag #2 on trash can #2 and then to #3 and so on . Need more help? Just private message me , happy to help

  • Yep 3/4"drill with stainless steel industrial paint mixer attachment,suspended from ceiling with bungi cord into a garbage pail 3/4 filled with 6 bags of ice and water on a box. Only do 1 lb at a time more is not better.I use crystal shake not even bud! I agitate the shit out of it for 20 min then let it sit for 1/2 hour. The garbage pail has 4 bags 1st junk 2nd And 3rd I mix and 3rd is almost white (really good)! Silk Screen bags get finer as you pull them. Dump out from bag onto small screen fold over and press out water the you have a lump! The trick is to heat the product up in micro wave like 5 seconds then kneed it in your hand and water will come out. Once I have it in a chunk I hand squeeze for a bit then next day I keep in pocket in cellophane for warmth and keep pulling it out kneeling it and soon it is soft black hash like the 70's even olive green under the black. No one believed I made it so I said I saved it from the 70's lol people

  • That is to funny 70’s hash lol -

  • You work way to hard at making bubble !

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