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Genius Extractions Dab Genius

Please feel free to email me if You are considering using this company . We are having a lot of problems with support and customer service . I cannot recommend them to anyone at this point . [email protected]

This email is from one of the founders . PS Thomas cunningham is no longer with the company

Dear John, I feel that I have become too irritated with the project to be the go-to point person, and I would like to introduce you to Tom Cunningham, our COO, and Brenna Gaither, our CEO. They will facilitate the completion and installation of your equipment.

Thank You for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Robert Gaither


  • This issue has been Resolved . Richard Gaither has been very responsive and supportive since he became aware of our situation .

  • We have had similar challenges with Genius. Their inability and/or unwillingness to communicate, combined with their attitude of indifference towards the completion of our installation has been as unprofessional as one might imagine. I honestly can’t say anything positive about Genius. Their customer service is horribly deficient and their equipment is mostly off the shelf and grossly overpriced. For a company that doesn’t make ANYTHING, you’d expect a customer centric focus. Anyone considering them is well advised to procure their equipment elsewhere.

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