Co2 Do you recover and reuse?

Do you recover your co2? How many times do you recycle it? What are the signs you need new co2?

I usually top off the accumulator between runs, and vent down the whole system every 2 days or 3-4 runs.


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    Great stuff @danieljluebke, thank you for posting these helpful tips!

  • Top off between runs, cleaning run weekly along with draining and refilling the accumulator.

  • What do you mean "Top off"?

  • "Top off" (to me) means bringing it up to operating pressures. Usually after depressurizing the accumulator drops in pressure. We need to "top off" in order to give the system enough starting CO2.

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    Aye, as @Heylo said, we do not recover our CO2 at all as the risk of pumping back into DOT cylinders is not something we are comfortable with. CO2 is low cost so we don't worry about reuse.

  • don't mess around with gas CO2 - you should be using liquid & liquid only if you want to keep your CO2 usage at a minimum. Also, make sure your recycler can be fully cleaned to mitigate cross-contamination. You need to be able to physically touch all surface area INSIDE the recycler.

    The ExtraktLAB series of extractors all have recyler configs that allow you to completely clean & mitigate.

  • Top off as in fill back up to operating pressure?

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