Increasing Yields on High CBD CO2 Extraction?

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Hi all, I have been doing super and sub critical extractions using a waters SFE system and have been struggling to keep high CBD ratio yields from high ratio flower going in. So have been messing with all of my pressures and temps and gone sub-critical and have made improvements but still not where I need to be. Any suggestions on at least a direction on which to go? Could I be converting by having pressures to high or temps to high? I am running lower set points on both of those parameters already and don't want to go to low and just pull dry ice. Thanks all for any input I really appreciate it.


  • Hey Todd, I have also been running into similar issues and it seems like we are on a very similar path. That being said I would also be interested if anyone is aware of what we could be doing wrong? Been reading through all kinds of documents and posts on the internet and not sure what is b.s. and what has real value. thank you

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    I'm using an Eden Labs machine and have been able to get the 20:1 ratios from our flower consistently. My most recent batch tested at 62% CBD and 3% THC. We ran our product through the EL system in a supercritical state, CBD is a hefty molecule and is easier to extract at higher pressures and temps.

  • We've just published a video of a CBD extraction and included some of the parameters on our blog, check it out:

  • CBD has a bioling point ~30* above that of THC, so if you are seeing a greater ratio of THC: CBD than in the flower, you are missing the tails of the cannabinoids, which contain the CBD.

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