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What do YOU mean by distillate?

Many times we have people call or email and say "I want to make distillate, so I must need a distiller, right?"

Right. Sort of...maybe, back up.

What do you mean by distillate?

Let's break down one of the first questions we always ask new inquiries - What products are you trying to make?

We ask this because it helps us determine what you mean by distillate, and in turn it allows us to recommend the best possible solution for your unique situation and business goals.

Do you mean "the clear" (TM)?

Do you mean the stuff you saw in your friend's vaporizer pen last weekend that they said was distillate?

If you can use an existing product on the market as a reference, it may help to clarify important details so we can really understand your end goal.

If we know what you mean when you say you want to make distillate, then we can share with you our 20+ years of product knowledge and innovation. If we get caught up on terms, that's where frustrations can possibly arise.

Our team is here as a resource, not an obstacle! Clear communication and articulation of your goals is essential for us to be able to provide the best extraction solution.

Can you think of any instances where this has happened to you?


  • This is a constant obstacle in this industry. Product misinformation. Case in point: distillate. Pure thc (or cbd) without any terpenes. Colorless, and without any entourage effect. Ostensibly, a weaker high, yet the price reflects the opposite. Why would people pay more for less? Because they've not yet been educated. The keynote speaker at the cannabis research center CSU-Pueblo spoke many truths when he came. How many in our industry have read the transcript of the speech from the most knowledgeable person in our industry? Consumers are being "educated" by the dispensary employees, and I can tell you from first hand experience what a losing proposition that is.
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    Distillation is a process, not a product. Distillation is a process used for purification, not creating a different product. Simple distillation gives you clean drinking water. Molecular distillation gives you clean compounds within a given degree of boiling points. Raw distilled cannabinoids are intended to be re-compounded with other purified compounds from the cannabis plant, judging it as an isolated compound vs complex formulas that still contain other compounds that will modify the impact post-ingestion is absurd.

  • I sell to customers who use our distillate in producing edibles. By distillate, I mean extract that has been fractionally distilled to remove most of the components of the extract besides THC. It typically tests about 85% THC and is transparent, with a little gold, green or red color. These customers prefer it to extract as it has less flavor.
    I personally like the flavor extract adds to edibles, but I can understand the desire to keep the flavor of a product consistent. Different batches of extract, even the same strain do taste different.

    As a dabbable, distillate seems to be appealing as it is stiff enough to hang on a nail, it is very pretty, and I hear from others, (I don't dab) the vapor is easy to inhale in large quantity without irritation; no cough. I think a portion of the market doe not understand entourage effect, and only looks at the THC%. The expectation is that high THC = best high. Some placebo effect may apply.

    I find when an extract has less than 60% THC, unless there is ample CBD, there is not much retail market for it. We distill batches that we might otherwise have difficulty selling. Again this is a function of buyers not fully understanding the whole product, and entourage effect of all the components in a whole extract.

  • Distillate is a product produced through distillation.

    "Distillate" is often used to refer to the isolated cannabinoid fraction, which as kris says is an inferior product that lacks terps.

    But that meaning is changing as distillation is the single best way to isolate and preserve terps, and it's being used to produce some of the most potent, pure and terp-rich products.

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