Best method for containing/removing smell from extraction lab

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While I understand there will inherently be an odor in the lab when extracting cannabis is taking place, is there a best known method of reducing/eliminating the odor? I would like to know because, while I am in a fully licensed extraction facility, I have a sheriffs department/corrections facility just access the street from the lab, and I share a parking lot with the majority of the Sheriffs. I do not want any more attention than I already have. Thank you in advance.


  • Carbon filtering is the way to go. There are several reliable carbon filter systems on the market. If no one suggests a specific brand a quick internet search will provide a host of options, to narrow it down to an industry friendly biz check out those resources on an industry association site like MJ Biz or your state's association.

  • Look into carbon scrubbers that most grows use. I have heard great things of the Dry-Eaz Defend Air though they are pricey. Another route would be using smaller carbon scrubbers wherever your heavy smells are generated. i.e. vacuum vents, solvent vents, hoods, ovens, etc.

  • Thank you @StonerBoomer and @Flomike I appreciate the feedback! I will be looking into getting a carbon filter system asap!

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