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Thin Film Systems

edited October 2017 in Equipment

looking for some feed back on thin film systems in general and compared to short path, i understand the purity is not as high, but what are people seeing.? 1 pass 2passes. does any one have a preferred system, pope is making a push in to the space. thanx


  • The wipe film systems from companies like Pope are becoming a go to solution. They process much higher volumes at lower temps and faster rates than basic short paths. The temp is an issue with most of the "bench top" systems because of product degradation. You can get into a short path from Lab Society for $15K, but won't do nearly the job of a 2" Pope system which when all is said and done will run $60K. You run two passes depending upon the purity you are looking to achieve. Root Sciences is selling similar units and the last time I checked they were in the $175K range. The Pope for the money seems to be the best thing going and is being used by numerous companies in many markets, including EvoLabs in CO.

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