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Winterization/Filtering: Materials(RC, nylon and PTFE) Pore size (0.20µm, 0.22µm, 0.45µm), Temp.

Hi Extraction Community, i've come to think now that the extraction process is a very important part but the distilling-filtering-winterizing is crucial to achieve that desired clean yellow or amber oil, i've found that the best filters are probably hydrophobic PTFE(which works great for solvents) and 0.22-0.45µm to get all unwanted material out, also temperature of the filter affects the winterized solids that can dissolve in contact with a room temp filter, for that i've read about using a frozen stainless steel 0.45µm mesh to avoid frozen material to liquify in contact with the filter and get dragged as the solvent passes thru, what do you prefer and use currently in your filtering setups?



  • Yeah I agree that filter size is extremely important what are using ethanol correct? What kind?
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