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Any experience with Ethos-4 / Capna Fabrication?

We're looking into acquiring an ethanol extractor and the sales folks for the Ethos-4 are promising a LOT of wondrous things. Does anyone have any experience with this company or this device? Their website ( is full of typos and I don't think their math is correct, but I'm getting pressure from management to purchase one of these.....FYI, we're a licensed processor in WA and we have the training/experience to use one of these.


  • We've done their live demo. System is great. They ran 4 or 5 pounds during the demo, it took about 30 minutes from start to finish. Down side is that you'll need a rotovap to actually get your oil. The Ethos 4 makes a tincture that you have to distill to get the oil out of the ethanol. Hope this helps

  • good for cold ethanol extraction, but as extractking said, you will be making a full spectrum EHO, which, at the temps the Ethos4 operates at will have minimal chlorophyll. now as quality oil as SC Co2 oil, but a great way to extract a ton of quantity

  • I have a prototype critical cold ethanol extractor and am currently running 100 lbs in 8 hours more the our rotovapes can keep up with most of this is run though fractional distillation into 92% distillate. I will have a full for sale model as soon as patent application is in .

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