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Any experience with Ethos-4 / Capna Fabrication?

We're looking into acquiring an ethanol extractor and the sales folks for the Ethos-4 are promising a LOT of wondrous things. Does anyone have any experience with this company or this device? Their website ( is full of typos and I don't think their math is correct, but I'm getting pressure from management to purchase one of these.....FYI, we're a licensed processor in WA and we have the training/experience to use one of these.


  • We've done their live demo. System is great. They ran 4 or 5 pounds during the demo, it took about 30 minutes from start to finish. Down side is that you'll need a rotovap to actually get your oil. The Ethos 4 makes a tincture that you have to distill to get the oil out of the ethanol. Hope this helps

  • good for cold ethanol extraction, but as extractking said, you will be making a full spectrum EHO, which, at the temps the Ethos4 operates at will have minimal chlorophyll. now as quality oil as SC Co2 oil, but a great way to extract a ton of quantity

  • I have a prototype critical cold ethanol extractor and am currently running 100 lbs in 8 hours more the our rotovapes can keep up with most of this is run though fractional distillation into 92% distillate. I will have a full for sale model as soon as patent application is in .

  • i just acquired an Ethos 4 ethanol extractor and it did not come with any user manual. I have had a difficult time trying to find anything helpful on line. I really just need some basic parameters and start up procedures. Like how much pressure is needed to operate and how cold does the system need to be at start up? Any advise would be great.

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