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What do you think is the best equipment to pull out pure THCA, CBDA, etc??

Before everybody jumps up and down, I know the entourage effect is real and everyone wants to dose with a pinch of this and a pinch of that. But I'd love to hear people talk about what equipment they think is the best to efficiently pull out pure THCA, CBDA, etc. Purity defined as meeting United States Pharmacopeia standards, which are 95% purity, containing no more than 5% other molecular moieties.


  • I'm looking for semiautomatic extraction and destillation complete processing line.

  • With regards to co2...I've had good success with Waters and Apeks CO2 extractors in the past, I've not had nearly the same success with the Eden 2000psi systems thus far. Achieving those purities will likely require multiple well tuned separators or post processing.

  • Agree with Alaskan Thunder. No extractor is going to do this for you - you can't get 95%+ compounds witout distillation of some sort. For acid extractions (or decarb'd material as well), I'd recommend United Science/Extrak Lab or Vitalis - IMO Extrakt Labs has the best extractors. For acid extractions, Extrakt Labs flow rates and design is great for both acid as well as decarb'd biomass - you can run sub critical and/or supercritical, actually extracting all the way up to 5000 psi. Most of the other systems say their pumps go up to 5000psi but their vessels are pressure for 3000 or 3500 psi. This makes a big difference. They also commission all of their systems in your lab with you and your material, which is awesome. My old boss had two chemists (including the owner of Extrat Lab in their lab for 2 weeks with no extra charges! getting them all of the formulation support that we needed. Follow their advice and you will not extract chlorophylls too which was my bosses concern with high pressure. You pull out ALL cannabinoids and all of the waxes and lipids in the extraction, and every complete cycle is only 1 hour (seriously - for their 10L and their 40L system the complete cycle is 60 minutes).

    3-16 HOUR (or more???) extraction cycles for Apeks and many other manufacturers.

    they also have the Drain Droid which is like a big stainless steel buchner - they say you can de-wax 5L of solution in less than 5 minutes - my friend just ordered his from a distributor in SoCal - SoCal Biomed is the name. In 1 hour, we will do with ExtraktLAB stuff what would take you a whole day to do with pretty much every other equipment manufacturer.


  • Left is 98% THCa, middle is 99.8% total cannabinoids, right is 98.6% CBDa. All extracted in Eden 5L using SFC with no post processing. Possible yes, cost efficient for commercial processing, only on the industrial scale.


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