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Ocolabs Supercritical Extraction

edited December 2017 in Equipment

Anyone using this equipment? What can you tell me about it? Trying to start extracting essential oils and am interested in this affordable system.


  • Also, any other equipment on the same price range that I could look into?

  • I've yet to see anything cheaper on the market for supercritical co2, I know a few companies had toyed with the idea of 'tabletop' 1L extractors but even those were quite expensive comparable to the Super C. When I inquired about them they always said it was coming soon or was still being developed. Haven't looked in a few months at this point, availability may have changed, if anyone finds something let us know.

  • is this brand name correct? I don't see Ecolab extractors anywhere

  • My Super-C is awesome!

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