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Slurry (extract) out of the tap, where do you put it?

What do you collect your slurry into? Looking for alternative devices for collection that are safe for operators and can be used for various post extraction purposes.

For example, I know someone who collects their slurry into a "vacuum pot," where they can immediately create a vacuum around their slurry after a collection to cut down on oxidation. I have not found one that perfectly suits my volume of slurry and post extraction processes, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

I have two different extraction systems, both dealing with different volumes of slurry and collection cup exit pressures/flows. I have just been using a stand/Pyrex setup, but there is room for error in this method.

If you have a different setup for collection or any ideas for one, I would really appreciate the info! Let's help each other keep our operators and product safe!


  • I collect into stainless steel vessels at the moment. Have a lid with a hole to allow CO2 to disperse as I'm collecting, but otherwise it goes into a pre-tared vessel that has lab labeling on it indicating relevant processing details/variables and traceability info.

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