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New Operation in CA, need advice help for licensing/permits

Hey guy and gals,

I'm looking to setup an extraction outfit in Southern California. So I have $$, an idea of the equipment I want. Now is where I need to help figuring out where to start from here. As far as creating the company and tax forms etc, I'm ok. The main piece I'm trying to figure out is what are the various licenses/permits I'd require and how to go about applying for them.

Yes I realize The process will vary from state to state. However any bit of info will help as I'd assume the process is somewhat similar despite having various different rules and regulations.

Hell I'd even be willing to compensate the correct person willing to take the time to help with the process and physical setup.

Any and all info is welcome and truly appreciated.



  • Hey Sally,

    I always recommend that you 'make friends' with your local agencies - specifically permitting and fire department. Those relationships will come in handy when you dive into the license/permit process. Another recommendation is to join / research key industry advocacy organizations like NCIA, NORMAL, California NORMAL, Women Grow / Women of Weed, Cannabis Business Executive,

    You may already have this link bookmarked....
    It's a decent resource.

    And, yes, there are lots of 'consultants' out there so be sure to vet anyone you are considering working with. You could be taken down a very expensive path!

    Good luck!!

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