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Can material that is a concentrate of alcohol extraction be purified with co2?

Interested in your ideas and suggestions!


  • This is a great question. I really don't see why it wouldn't work. Especially if you evaporated the Etoh beforehand. Still, even with the Etoh in there, as long as you don't push chlorophyll thru into the separator I don't see why not

  • Has anyone actually done this?

  • Have not tried this. Not a bad idea tho. Besides the mess can you think of any drawbacks?

  • Define "purified". Not sure why you'd want to do this.
    A good cold alcohol extraction will already be significantly more "pure" than a high-efficiency CO2 extraction. I suppose you could run it through at sub crit to remove the color, but there are far more efficient ways to do this.

  • Yes, and SC extraction will be especially useful for increasing purity, or removing slightly polar oils that are pulled by the EtOH. I have been blown away at the results by runnng Keif in the SCx, with lower wax content, and greater ratios of terps and better yeilds to boot.
    Some considerations IF you are going use the CO2 systems for refining oils: keif is more dense than flower, and oil is even denser, so best to have the oils spread over ball bearings or stainless steel wool so that the oil can spread over the surface, and the oil can re flux in the column allowing the undesirables to stay behind. peeps working with short paths will understand.

  • You really want to do a short path distillation for the effect you are looking for. The units can vary in price from a basic home kit to more industrial units.

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