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Excessive water content in airstream for pneumatic driven hydraulic pumps

edited August 2017 in CO2 Extraction

Most standard Eden Labs systems utilize an air driven hydraulic pump. Many competitors systems utilize similar pumps. One issue, regardless of season, is excessive water content in the air supply to the CO2 pump. In most applications, this may not be a big issue, but many people have experienced the pump freezing due to the moisture content of the air supply driving the pump. This freezing occurs due to explosive decompression as the air enters and exits the pump, dropping the temperature and changing the dewpoint. One solution is to add additional air desiccant filters in line, but this doesn't usually entirely eliminate the issue.

When an air compressor is used to run a hydraulic pump, it runs continuously. The issue with this is the air is never sitting in the compressor tank for any length of time in order to drop the water out of the air supply. You are not actually using the pressurized tank supply, you are simply using the air as fast as the compressor draws it in.

Does anyone have any information to share that may help others?


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