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THCA extraction clogging

Hi everyone,

We have been using the Eden 5L to make some beautiful stable terpy extracts including shatter. However, when we have very fresh (dried) high THC flower we have been getting clogging in the tube leading to the separator. This clog is very hard and crystalline, so I'm assuming it is mainly THCA, especially considering the quality of the source material. It also tends to happen while depressurizing, so I'm thinking I am doing something wrong there.

I know I could just decarb the flower first and extract a liquid THC oil, but that's not nearly as fun! Does anybody have any tips for preventing this clogging? Depressurizing slower? Raising water bath temps? Any other wizardry?


  • Where exactly on the tube is it clogging and at what point in the run? Pressure and temps? There are a few reasons you could have concentrate precipitating out of solution but if you feel it's directly related to depressurization it's because your runs are too short.

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