Strength of the product extracted typically for infusion.

We wish to make infused products.

But we must know the percentage or strength of the THC for Quality assurance & safety

Is there as imple way to do this or do we have to send each batch to a lab?


  • We always get our starting extract tested prior to doing infusions, then we test the infusion to ensure we've dosed the product properly.


    This company makes a Benchtop Delta9 THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and CBN Analyzer.

    Test Results in 10 minutes, can do flower and extract.

    It's a great way to have real time test results without waiting for a lab

  • I'm using an Orange Photonics Lightlab right this second. :hushed:

  • I would make giant batches of homogenized oil and use third party testing. It's what I intend to do in OR to not get bankrupted by their insane testing regulations.

  • ThomasWR
    We have been looking at the Lightlab unit, I got the initial price quote but forgot to ask about the consumables? this sure would save lots of time and money in the long run, have you run into any problems using it so far?

  • Also, re: the OP, yes you can apply a standard formula to any known value of cannabinoids to accurately dose liquids. The test results themselves are represented in mg/g in order to facilitate that.

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