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Newbie/6acre pasture/11 hours direct sun.

Hello all!

I was hoping to get some advice. On what you may do in my situation. Super technical answers are much appreciated.

I have the land (south vt) and horticultural knowledge.
I have a full time job I can’t quit for the first year
I have about 20k to put into the endeavor and 20 man hours a wk to put in per week.

Only water supply is my main house well.

Pasture is full south exposure with a east to west orientation. hilly with flat spots below and full sun. Thc plants needed no water in the flat locations from August till harvest.

What would you do if you were me? All and any insight is welcome! Muchmuch appreciated!


  • where is it, how much land, you have permits , what your plans, is there BP or summary

  • ok...this my opinion...ive grown many years out doors by myself no partners...well at least no partners on the crops that weren't stolen

    dude, 20 hours a week isnt much time unless you are under 100ish said ''pasture'' so I am guessing you have room for way more

    do not get in over your head...go small the first can do this with seed or populate 4 or 5 acres with clones you need many many mother plants first....doing 5 acres with seed...even femmed seeds, is brutal and would take more like a hundred hours a week

    us out door guys worry less about bugs but I would hate to deal with a huge outbreak on a huge field all by myself

    how are you gonna haul the water from the well? plants were close to my well and my arms were still fried after hauling a few hundred gallons around in buckets......hoses are a pain unless its a ''leave in'' system for the season....

    not tryng to discourage you....go for ready for some blisters here and there

    harvest.....harvest has to be a very controlled environment ….moving around plants that have been chopped down en masse is also brutal[dont rub your eyes]….trimming,curing storing....all takes hours and hours and fucking hours :)

    many things depend on your goal? more specific and so can we....

  • Be sure to plant correct sativa strain. CBD is becoming very valuable so plant high CBD varities. May be a difficult choice because many sativa strains are available these days.
    We still are highly regulated in Maryland. You are lucky to be in VT.

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