Homogenization Illustration: Non-Uniform Cannabinoids vs. Uniform Disbursement of Cannabinoids

The attached Illustration should bring some clarity as to how uniform cannabinoid /terpene disbursement in solutions work.

Steve, CAT Scientific


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    I was able to open the attachment. I took a screenshot of it and have shared it here.

  • can you explain what action the homogenizer performs in the solution please....

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    The homogenizer does not just mix. Let's take the example of adding extract to a carrier oil, coconut oil. In this example you have several atoms (blue & red in the illustration) coconut oil, cannabinoids & terpenes. When the homogenizer is powered on the atoms are processed through the Generator Shaft at the speed of sound causing the atom to come together as a molecule. the molecules, purple in the illustration, are evenly dispersed throughout the vessel-beaker, uniform potency.

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