Basic starting temps pressures for highest yield

Total newbie here , I am running a 20l high flow , only moderate success on first 2 runs , low yield . Hoping someone will advise on basic high yield pressures for extractor and separator and what general temp the extractor and separators should be . Yes I know these are silly beginner questions ,so feel free to beat me up!
My first run was 1250-800- 115degrees on both chambers
Second run was 1800-800-115 degrees
Any help is appeciated


  • Your separator temps are too low. 130-140f always.

    Higher temps on your extraction vessel, also. You are still into subcritical even at 1800 psi.

    try this for helping you figure out what phase your co2 is in when you are using it.

  • Awesome thanks

  • So to get this right my extractor exit fluid temp should be around 140?sounds very hot

  • So am I trying to achieve a fluid state of phase or a over critical phase ?

  • Or over critical fluid ?

  • In your separators, you are trying to go from a overcritical fluid state to a gas, and dropping your heavy stuff that the gas can't hold.

    Don't worry about the heat, you have a liquid pool in the cup that keeps your heat away from your extracts.

    Think about the separator as a distiller, you are distilling off the co2, and leaving the extract behind.

  • I don’t have a separate collection cup on my separator unit

  • Should fluid be exiting the extractor to the separator then gassing off ? Or should leave extractor as gas and condense and drop out oil in separator like a distiller ? I thought it needs to hit separator as a liquid ? Am I wrong in my thinking ?

  • In theory, approximately everything from the heat exchanger up until the needle valve should be at the temperatures and pressures you set for your extraction vessel. the needle valve determines the pressure drop which, coupled with temperature changes, results in change from a liquid or SCFE into a gas thus causing extracted compounds to drop out of solution. That is my understanding...

  • @Alaskan_Thunder, yes. that is a good understanding.

    @preacher, In normal operating conditions, the co2 leaves the extractor as a supercritical fluid + extract mixture, and leaves the separator as a gas - extract. inside the separator it is a fluid/gas/extract mixture, with the less dense gas rising, and the more dense extract dropping to the bottom

  • Thank you , I’m getting it !
    Do you happen to know the co2 volume in the accum on this 20 L machine ? Is it he same size as the 5L machine ? I only have basic instructions for the 5L

  • Afraid I have possibly short filled

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