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Post-Processing: How to Stop Cannabinoid Potency Deviation in Solutions!

While a majority of processors are not aware that when combining extract with carrier oils, mixing them in with a overhead stirrer, hotplate stirrer, immersion blender, etc. will not evenly disburse the cannabinoids/ terpenes throughout the batch.

When a batch is processed as described above, some folks purchasing this product from a dispensary may experience no effects and others too much THC for their liking.

A lollipop processor contacted us last December because he kept failing Orgeon's15% per batch potency deviation limit. For the batches he was processing with an overhead stirrer, the lab analysis was coming back with 60% potency deviation, see attachments, Cannalysis 1A-4A.

It took us over eight months to convince the lollipop processor to use a high shear homogenizer to emulsify the constituents and shear the cannabinoids for uniform potency throughout the batch. After using the CAT X1740 Homogenizer for four minutes to process a batch of Lollies the potency analysis results are 5% potency deviation, see attachments Cannalysis1B-4B. The processor is now able to consistently duplicate a 5% potency deviation whenever he processes a batch of Lollies.

Steve, CAT Scientific


  • Wow this is great data! You've definitely gotten our attention. Checking CAT X1740 out right now. :smiley: Will the product size vary depending on batch size? We do small batches of topicals that could use a tool like this.

  • If you're processing small batches, 300ml-2 liters the X1000 Homogenizer will work. Volumes over 2 liters, the X1740 Homogneizer, which can process up to 20 liters.

  • Hey Thanks for the data! I will check it out now.

  • Thank you for sharing this, @CATScientific!

  • Are there any down side to homogenization - any loss of potency, terpenes, beneficial plant compounds, over heating?

  • We haven't noticed any loss of potency. As for terpenes, our generator shafts are sealed, processing can be achieved under vacuum to prevent loss of Volatiles.

    Heat is generated while homogenizing; depending on volume, viscosity and processing time. Companies processing beverages use the CAT DK40 inline dispenser, which has a cooling jacket to keep the media from overheating.

  • This makes perfect sense to me, as I have often wondered why sometimes there is more terpene flavor on some cartridges than others. I think that even though we have refined our extraction process to the point that we produce a supercritical CO2 oil that people enjoy without adding or reintroducing anything to it, I do believe that terpenes settle and I always wonder what the effects are to the end-user as a result: too much terpene and there is list of side effects, even if they are cannabis derived. This is muy interesante!

  • The point on "down side to homogenization" is a good one. Tried to research it but not much out there!

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