Crystallzation of CBD oil

I received a sample of CBD oil from a potential vendor and the oil parilally crystalized. The vendor said this is normal and to add some MGT oil to stop this crystallization. I would like to understand what is happening to the oil chemically and know if this is a standard type of issue in the industry. I'm working on a high end retail branded product and can see big potential problems if it crystalized in the final retail product.

can anyone provide any insights?



  • Pure CBD is not a liquid, it's a solid. By applying various purification procedures to gumoleoresin high in CBD you eventually reach a point where you can successfully apply recrystallization to isolate it even further. Have you ever made Sugar Rock Candy?

    Insofar as the purity of your product goes, it's a good thing, insofar as the stability goes for product development, that's a standard issue in our industry because it's a solid. That's also why cotton wick cartridges fail, solid load. People see oil, think oil, call it oil, it's more complex than that.

  • Thomas, thanks for the explanation. The vendor tells me that I can add MGT oil to the CDB to keep it liquid, however they won't say how much. The reason they say, is that it is part of the IP. From my perspective, I'm looking to buy a ingredient that I can add to my formula and package. Your comment about "it's more complex than that" is where I seem to be heading. Are resources available that can guide a layman to a CBD ingredient solution?

    BTW, I started the video and it seemed to suggest how to crystallize rather than solve the question of how to avoid the crystallization. Did I miss the point?

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