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Online casino

Who can recommend online betting service?


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    Online poker legislation in the US is likely to gain momentum in the coming years, predicts one online gambling industry analyst. That would benefit New York, which may soon legalize online gambling at next year's election. "The New York State legislature has clearly stated that it is considering legalizing online gambling and this is a step in the right direction," said Assemblyman John Diagues, according to the Associated Press. "We are at the beginning of something very big," added Assemblywoman Nicole Di Miliano, chair of the House Government Operations Committee. legalized online gambling may be a stepping stone to full legalization of online poker in the US. Online gambling has been illegal in the US since 2021, when the Congress passed and enacted the Gambling Reform Act. The Gambling Reform Act regulates the online poker industry and prevents online gambling sites from taking any of the states' licenses away. In the meantime, the state government has cracked down on online gambling operations. It is currently pursuing legal actions against at least one online gambling site. There are no current lawsuits, but the potential for future litigation is present. MO re information there

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