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remediate and distillate cost effectively

Heisenberg Solutions Group, Inc. (HSG), based in Denver, Colorado, is pleased to announce a cost effective, scalable hemp oil process that produces the highest yields and lowest loss ratios using our proprietary system. Targeting the farmer, Heisenberg Solutions Group, Inc. can be a one stop shop as it can remediate, distillate and in some cases facilitate the sale of winterized hemp oil of our client’s products. By creating this streamlined process, farmers can concentrate on farming and harvesting their hemp.
Our facilities are FDA certified, organic, and GMP compliant within the hemp industry. We follow all protocols dictated by the state of Colorado and federally regulated USDA and FDA standards to ensure the production of THC free products. The process is simple: we offer a cost-effective high yield process that will generate a favorable remediation output.
With many different types of remediation processes such as various chromatography methods and conversion methods, Heisenberg Solutions Group, Inc. has developed a systematic proprietary process that allows an industry leading production output. As a highly scalable solution, we have an initial capacity of over 2,500 liters per week or 10,000 liters per month (this availability does not include other capacity that may be already under contract). With a 30 day notice, our production capacity can be doubled. Couple this with a 30% decrease in traditional remediation pricing, you can see why our methods can benefit farmers and companies within the hemp industry.
Need help selling your product? HSG may be willing to sell your product to our vast network of clients and partners. These opportunities are determined on a case by case basis depending on the type and quality of the product for a nominal fee. This allows our client an all-encompassing solution for their needs and satisfies the profit margin needs of the farmer.
Book now for the 2020 harvest to secure your spot. For our process or price quote, please contact Jim, our Sales Manager, at 303-641-6790 for more information

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