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coffee flower absolute by co2 extraction

We are interested to build a mobile CO2 extraction lab for use in Central America.
We are new to the CO2 extraction process. It will be used to extract the essence of the coffee flower for the creation of perfume and cosmetic articles. We would love to hear from anybody who has experiences in this topic.


  • Interesting idea! Mobility will prove to be a challenge. Do you have a sense of how much processing you plan to do per day?

  • Coffee flowers have to be picked after 2 days of blooming and processed the same or next day. (to be tested). One worker can pick est 20-25kg flowers per hr. With the right amount of workers in 2 days it can go up very high. The question is the size of the extraction vessel for the fresh flower, which cannot be stored. Yes it is an interesting project and has been done with other solvents, (Hexanol etc). in Costa Rica. A supercritical CO2 extraction has all the advantages over the old method. We would love to get this project off the ground, the fragrance of the coffee flower is terrific and should be captured by a nice perfume.

  • Throw it all in a trailer, its not too complicated of a set up, power will be an issue and heat. So big air conditioner and probably a dehumidifier. Also you will need to dry that biomass before you extract it to prevent polar activity of water from messing with the non polarity of the essence. So all in all it probably wouldn't just be a trailer for the whole set up, but the CO2 machine could be housed in a trailer and used as a lab of sorts. Hope that helps!

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