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If you could start over....

Suppose you could start a cbd extraction venture with a $200k budget.. Your end goal is to be able to process hemp grown on your own farm, and process to distillate.

What type of equipment would you buy? Would you buy used equipment? If you went with new equipment, what brand would you use? Would you go Ethanol or Co2? Starting out, would you bother trying to get the equipment and tackling the learning curve of making full distillate? Or, would you stick with just making crude and selling it?

Suppose you want to be able to process 30-50 lbs of dry material per day. With this budget, could you do considerably more, keeping in mind the additional expense of the equipment to process the crude?

I'm all ears with this.. And, take it easy on me, I'm a beginner :) But, I appreciate whatever thoughts you guys would have for this scenario.

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