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Concentration of THC in Hemp full spectrum and distillate

After extracting hemp, if the full spectrum is 60-75% CBD and the distillate is 75-95% CBD, I can only assume that the THC will no longer be 0.3% but rather much higher - more like 1-3% and therefore no longer federally compliant. How are people handling this? Many thanks!


  • This is what we're running into as well. There are buyers for this type of product but not really in bulk. I think people are still trying to figure out what to make or do with higher THC. Its great oil just not desirable yet.

  • The New Zealand Govt will legalise medical marijuana this year. I hope you have figured it out by then, We will be able to set up a plan and stratergy to keep ahead of them

  • in some cases with our clients the product was not strong enough. Can you keep me inforned. Thanks

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