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Allowable Quantities for Ethanol Extraction

edited August 2019 in General

hello i was curious if anyone was in the process of a recreational ethanol extraction lab that is compliant. I am currently in the second phase after discussing with the fire marshal and local Certified Unified Program Agency i came to a understanding that i will only be limited to 120 gallons on the facility i was curious to know if anyone found a way to be able to have more on the facility?
thanks in advance
Efflorescence Systems LLC


  • There is different maximum allowable quantities depending on what's in storage, use-open and use-closed. There are available multipliers for each category. These include approved fire sprinklers, storage cabinets, exhausted enclosures, control areas, etc. It is beneficial to work with a knowledgeable design professional such as an architect or engineer familiar with hazardous material occupancies.

    Depending on your budget, you could build for H-Hazardous Occupancy and then there is no limit.

    Fire Code chapter 50 is where the information is located.

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