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Job Opportunities

HI Guys

We are a life style company looking to move into the CBD market, we are an ambitious company that wishes to penetrate all sectors of the market from farming, extracting, product development through to sales.

We have full funding to pursue this project and are looking to move into the industry immediately.

We are setting up in southern Spain and are looking for experienced individuals to join our dynamic team.

Ideally we are looking for people with experience and passion in this industry, and are looking to recruit in the farming, extraction and product development areas.

If you have any interest in joining our team please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and Kind Regards



  • How's everything looking for CBD in Spain? I'm always interested in new opportunities, especially in different markets! I have extensive experience with various types of extraction and could be a useful addition to your team, if you're still looking. You can reach me by email [email protected]

  • pdenarapdenara
    edited July 2019


    I hope this finds you well and that this delayed response still gets to you. I'd love to learn more about any opportunities still available. I have experience in the cannabis industry, most recently with CBD hemp, and just finished an MBA in Sustainable Business in the U.S. I have a background that spans a few different industries and my experience with cannabis / CBD lies predominantly in cultivation and marketing. I also have some exposure to extraction methods. Business and environmentally conscious strategies excite me and I'm also learning more about Ag IOT and drone projects to maximize efficiency and knowledge of the entire supply chain.

    My girlfriend is originally from Seville and I've been itching for opportunities to make it work out there (cualquier cosa por amor) but have been strategic with any endeavors related to this industry. I'd greatly appreciate an opportunity to connect and can be reached at [email protected] or 631-807-1558, thanks!

  • @Mr Miller; Let me introduce myself Carter, Irvin looking for a CBD business model to implement how can I get started in PA specifically Eastern Pennsylvania. I can be contacted here at [email protected] or 601-458 2775 thanks and I look forward to working with you!
    kind reagards
    Carter Irvin

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