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Looking for Ethanol Extraction Equipment Comparison

I have spoken with many extraction equipment companies including Colorado Extraction Systems, Eden, Capna, Precision, MRX, and Delta. Many of these claim to be closed loop and process at cold temperatures eliminating the need for winterization. The requirements of ethanol vary, the moisture level and the quality of the material put in in terms of how ground up it needs to be varies, and the extraction efficiency for CBD claims vary from 90 to 100%.

Has anyone used more than one of these and can give me some real life feedback? Are there any reviews out there where the same material was processed with equipment from different companies listing the results? I am having a hard time getting any real clarity from the sales reps and I have not been able to find any good comparative reviews online. Sadly, I cannot visit each company in person - - I need to narrow the list down to 2 first.

Much appreciated!


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