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New grow/KS/8acres - Need advice on processor and market

Hi, I come from a traditional farming background; however, I'm just on the front edge of the learning curve with hemp. I have been researching tirelessly and find everything about hemp more interesting every day I work on this project. Kansas has just allowed industrial hemp to be harvested, processed, and distributed within the state. This will be the first year and we are trying to get in on the ground floor here in KS.

-We currently have the land (sandy loam). Could plant up to 30 acres with water rights but we are looking at starting out at 5-10 acres.
-We are currently building our research proposal for the application of our permits which are required in the state of KS. Everything due March 1.
-We have our labor plan in place.
-We have our harvesting and irrigation equipment in line and drying storage plan in place.
-Most of the questions I have is after the crop is harvested.....

1) We have talked to several seed venders and we are finding all sorts of prices and types of variety, can anyone shoot us in the right direction to buy a good seed where we can get a field rep to come out to us to make the sale of seed? We know we want high CBD content and have a few KS approved varieties in mind.

2) Problem, we can not harvest hemp in KS and transport the biomass or trim outside of KS, it cannot leave KS until it is processed; therefore, we have to be the processor. There are no processors in KS currently for CBD oil, due to the new law just coming into play. Anyone have any leads on small processing facilities or grows that process internally? I would like to speak with someone on what extraction process will be right for us being small but still have a decent volume that needs to be processed in a timely manner.

3) How long can the plant dry before it needs to be processed? Or what is the max time it can dry before we start loosing the CBD oil in the plant? I think we are going to struggle with getting all our trim ran in a quick manner with what we can afford for extractor the first year.

4) Does anyone have any leads on being able to sell the end product? Brokers, commodity traders, large distribution companies? We are going to try and sell to the local market as much as possible but would like to have multiple outlets available.

Thank you in advance for any input!


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