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85%+ CBD oil that does not re-crystallize in cartridge??

Just met with a potential client of ours and he brought a couple CBD oil cartridges with him and a COA that said the oil was 89%CBD. As we all know, anything over even 60% CBD usually runs into some re-crystallization issues, especially in cartridges…
However, this particular distillate had not re-crystallized at all. It is very viscous, looked almost like THC distillate to be honest.
Has someone found out a way to prevent CBD distillate/oil from re-crystallizing? No idea how the hell you would achieve that, but unless this COA is complete bullshit, it looks like this guy or someone he knows has it figured out. He claimed they were doing something in their post-processing techniques that was preventing the re-crystallization and that they had let carts sit our for months and there was no re-crystallization.
Right now, I am thinking about taking the oil from the cartridges and sending it into a lab for testing to get a COA that I trust…
I will attach a photo of the cartridge so everyone can see it. Appreciate any advice/info in advance!
I have been researching this a bit and some people have mentioned it may be CBDa? I personally have no experience with isolated CBDa, but I thought it was also a crystal? So that wouldn't make sense..
Have also been reading about altering the pH via filtration?
The guy I got it from is just an investor in the company that made it so he doesn't really know how they did it.. but he also mentioned that it was not a distillate. He said this oil was not distilled.
I'm kinda lost in the woods at this point, so any advice or ideas would be appreciated!!


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