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CBD Extraction - Need Advice

I've been getting into CBD and creating a brand. Lately I've been wondering why I don't process it myself and setup a small operation so I can control the source, manufacturing and overall final product to sell to customers. I'm not trying to become a tycoon, I just believe in the product and personal benefits I've seen.

I'm looking to be able to make a few different types of extractions and need to know how difficult it would be to setup.

1) CBD Rich Oil - Crude Hemp Oil from Hemp Flowers & Cannabis Flowers
2) CBD Isolate
3) Potentially THC / CBD extractions down the road so I want that on the radar.

From my understanding from raw materials. I would do an initial ethanol extraction to produce a Full Spectrum Oil and after removing the solvent I would then use that for CBD Isolate? If this is not correct please inform me.

What equipment would I need for Full Spectrum CBD Oil ethanol extraction?

What equipment would I need for CBD Isolate / Crystals?

Where can I find solid information on the extraction / distillation process? If there are better ways to do it than I mentioned I'm open to new ideas that's what I got out of my research.

(I know many people will say search or something along those lines, but I'm looking for legit information, I don't want to trust search / google and hope for the best when there are hundreds of very smart people on here with real world experience in the industry)


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