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Removing THC from CBD Oil Without Compromising Terpenes

Is there a way to remove/reduce THC in CO2 hemp oil in commercial volumes? The chromatography machines I've found have very slow throughput. Also, when removing THC from the oil, is there a way to do it without compromising the terpene profile of the oil?


  • Yes. We are setting up a lab to do just that. We can do 1000 grams a day up to 3000. There is technology out there for large scale production, but they run over 2 million dollars, and are aimed at the hemp industry because of the volume they need.

    In addition to purifying our own product, we will be offering a cleaning service for others starting Feb 1.

  • Let's start from the beginning. I wonder how do you extract and produce hemp oil and preserve terpenes? If you are able to produce the final product with a good terpenes profile it will be difficult to remove THC without using chromatography which targets single compounds. Short Path Distillation may help to remove terpenes first and separating THC second. Maybe removing terpenes at the beginning of the extraction would be the best: better terpenes profile and maybe more economical. CO2 extraction allows for extracting terpenes first than it can be run to extract cannabinoids (oil).

  • Yes. Terpenes are captured during the process, and reintroduced later.

  • looking for a easy filtration system that will remove chlorophyll from cbd crude extract.

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