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Idea of payscale for extraction staff

Hello. I am in the process of putting together a business plan for an extraction company I want to start here in my home state. What would I expect to pay someone to be my extraction manager or lab manager? Also any suggestions on hiring someone with these qualifications? Job Boards, etc? I keep having this idea to recruit from the local universities chemistry PhD students. This will be a cannabis processing business receiving licensing. So getting someone on board with valid certifications and experience would be one critical step for approval.


  • Hello mtcartridges,
    i have a lot of questions for you.
    what state are you in?
    what jurisdiction is your facility expected to be built in?
    are you in a heavily populated area or rural?

    what is your vision of an end product line look like?
    what is your startup budget?
    what does your operational budget look like at this point?
    what is your projected monthly income forecast?
    what does your workforce budget look like?
    what is your branding strategy?
    do you have farm orders in the works?
    do you have a relationship with all dispensaries in your state?
    what does your competition look like?

    all of these questions will impact my next set of questions for you.
    i have seen too many companies fail over the past 5 years due to (L.U.V)
    LACK of UNIFIED VISION poor management and improper funding strategy.

    currently i am employed at a premiere high volume high output lab in Washington state with no commitments and im willing to move my family to the next big project.
    i come with references from doctors, a bio and a modest C.V.
    i have worked with a dozen multi state 3rd party labs and i've spent 10's of thousands of dollars on lab testing for breeding type 1, type 2 and type 3 cultivars with a high focus on terpene rich product development on many applications .
    last year i grossed over $80K + bonuses and moving expenses as a lab head in a UL certified lab as lead extractor and QA for many departments.

  • do you have ethanol extraction experience with Cup 15 from delta separation

  • yes, but i am torn with issue's and certain products.
    the cup 15 is not the end all be all of tooling and processes.
    i feel the cup has a place and a product as long as the end product is realized.
    the cup15 makes a beautiful product when filtered right (RSA less than <2ppm) if that's the product line you are chasing.
    in my current opinion the cup will never compete with the output of pure artisan light hydrocarbons hitting the market these days.

    please tell us your opinion on the cup15?

    i cant wait to operate edens new 100 ponder and show it can out perform the competition on certain products.....

    stay tuned

  • Hello Groot.

    Sorry for the late reply. Holidays and such.

    I am in Maryland. Right outside of Washington DC. The lab will be located in one of the surrounding counties, Montgomery, Prince Georges, or Baltimore county - not city, there is a big difference. more than likely an industrial zoned area. I have a solid business plan, and no desire to lose the money I am putting up on poor or uneducated business practices. Someone with familiarity with this side of extraction is a plus. To answer your questions:

    what is your vision of an end product line look like?
    The cleanest and highest quality mmj oil and extracts for the Maryland MMJ community

    what is your startup budget?
    $300k + as needed

    what does your operational budget look like at this point?
    Operational budget includes salaries, security, utilities, product labeling, co2, ethyl alcohol, phones / IT, pos system, metrc labeling fees, and of course material costs. All in I am looking to run a minimum of 10-20 plus pounds a day

    what is your projected monthly income forecast?
    $150k +
    what does your workforce budget look like?
    $200k annually
    what is your branding strategy?
    This is still being worked on, but we really want a clean image. Clean science focused.

    do you have farm orders in the works?
    No orders at the moment. This is a medical only state, so reaching out to legal growers before licensing is a dead end. While no growers will legally say what they sell for, I assume product at a higher price than current black market pricing as a gauge. I am hoping to get some feedback from the state licensing board as it would be foolish to begin a business not knowing the cost range of your main ingredient to your finished product is.

    do you have a relationship with all dispensaries in your state?
    A few, but again this is a newly opened application so discussing potential future business and pricing is kind of off limits. Some of the dispensaries are scared to discuss anything with an unlicensed applicant, even under the hypothetical scenario. I have begun reaching out to the 72 dispensaries we have across the state, just introducing us, letting them know we are making a strong application and am looking forward to building a relationship with them in the coming months.

    what does your competition look like?
    Right now the state has licensed 15 processors for the entire state. Some are out of state companies, while others are homegrown. This has proven too little and now 10 applications are going to be opened.

    If you are serious about being willing to move and be part of this we could work something out I am sure. I am not against paying people good money for hard work and knowledge. I need professionals on board or none of this will mean anything. We are a smaller state than Washington state, but the trend in sales since medical legalization has been on an increasingly steady upward path, with concentrates taking 60% of sales through the state.

    This application process is going to go smoother with the right people already on board.

  • Hey there mtcartridges,

    Any development on the assembly of your team or the launch of your brand? Would love to talk.

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