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Which processing equipment is best for our startup op?

I am just one of the legs of our operation who works mostly on logistics. I have a question as to what equipment is best for making all types of hash.
From what I can understand, Eden labs the HIFLOX2 seems to be able to be the best "all-arounder" for extractions of all different types of extracts... We want to be able to gain HIGH yields, with tunable options for terpenes, CBD/THC ratio choicing options, etc.
I'm no expert in growing but I think that in Oklahoma financing one of these setups will allow us to make better margins on selling our vapor products, and different forms of hash. We want something with longevity, and that can allow us to produce a variety of different extracts and products for our customers. We think that a Hi-Flo FX2 2 x 20 5,000 Psi Mode system would be our best option and it would pay for itself. We would also have market traction and be able to cater to other growers and dispensaries for more specific needs.
Of course, there will have to be much training on how the equipment runs and how the machinery works to press out these different extracts. UNFORTUNATELY for now our budget is within 60,000. What would be a good fit for us?


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