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New extraction business starting

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This thread is started as myself and 2 friends are holding our first business meeting to see where we can make our mark in the Canadian Marijuana market now that it is legal. I will continue this thread as we have questions etc... I am an experienced extractor just new to the lab equipment era so will have many questions pertaining to equipment and use etc. We plan on starting small and going big if we get lucky.
We have a few secret little plans outside of the marijuana industry to hopefully make a little niche for ourselves in the business world.



  • So had the first meeting... and decided to start smashing as we can be in for $500 with Rosin... place to start... we can make a little capital and continue on to the world of CO2 extraction...


  • 10t press bought and PIDs and plates on the way... hopefully found a rosin purchaser for us.... next will be a closed loop BHO set up then a CO2 turnkey setup...


  • 0 Capsules are all set up just need packaging


  • Well tomorrow is smash day.... we are pressing 1oz each of 6 different strains.... more to update after words.... strain and results etc....


  • Awesome content - thank you for sharing your story. Keep it up!

  • Well the pressing happened and we learned so much.... ran through 8oz in no time and started getting 25% return at the end based on technique.... now to take the best technique we found and find the strain that produces the most....


  • LadithiefLadithief
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    Goal now is to find the market for rosin get some income coming in then we are going to step up to closed loop.... BHO with end game as planned being the Critical CO2 extractor with a gas chromatography set up for testing... We have craft brewers intently watching us and plan hops extraction for them in all due time... I have one of the better THC/CBD capsule recipes that allows us to make quality capsules at the fraction of the price.... the bottle neck is literally the capsules and filling... I can have enough extract in 2 hours to fill 800 capsules (the option to go bigger is very inexpensive).... We have an appointment with an owner who owns 5 dispensaries locally and one that runs a compassion center and is looking to open 2 more (this sppointment should be early December - early January)... This will be slow as we want to do it right... Thank you to any who are following right now....


  • We found that using cured marijuana kept the flavor and potency way up even though yield was down since the chlorophyll was far less. We then got annoyed at how long it was taking to fill the rosin bags (3"x6" 90 micron) so we started blending the marijuana an ounce at a time... and spooning an ounce into a bag (before blending we only getting .4 ounces and basically a little over 2g of rosin)... this sped things up immensely.. the next issue was that we never pre-pressed the first 2 ounces... we also had nothing to pre-press with so we used 2 hard cover books in a vice... this worked awesome... so we were now one step closer to accomplishing our goal of finding the best technique we could.... With pre-press and 1 ounce bags our yields rose to 5-6 grams.... I could only fit .7 oz of Purple train wreck into the bag after blending and 5.5g of the best tasting rosin I have ever tested. The best was a 25% return on one ounce of Sky-Walker OG, so basically 7g of rosin.... The whole time we were doing this we were transplanting all the clones in the cloner into dirt. So the Strains for now going forward are the Purple train wreck and the SKy-Walker OG and one of the .4 ounce first strains we messed up because the results were still good for what we did and that is the Lost Coast Hash plant.


  • There will be an update to above yields when I get a chance.... a couple are inaccurate as I thought there was a full ounce in them and that is not a true statement... This is about learning to get the best we can and not about boasting... also rosin this way might not be worth selling if the price to sell isn't there... but at the end end of the I no longer like smoking raw marijuana.... the extract version is 100% better and as our one partner said when he tried it for the first time.... "wow this is an elegant way to consume marijuana...."


  • Thanks for the update Ladi! Keep up the good work

  • Interesting , so, what press machine are you using? And what kind of post processing are you doing before encapsulation? And, regarding beer and hops, has it been proved that it has any Cannabinoid like activity?

  • So the scale we weighed out the marijuana with was of by about the amount now pressed is not an ounce but .7oz... the yield was off even more as the quantity was much smaller thus less tolerance on the scale.... moving forward we will use my one scale as it is very accurate and can weigh a large amount and I calibrate every few months because the scale has that option.... so with just under 4g of rosin from .7oz that puts us just under 20% not bad but not good.... we are comfortable will our pre-work (especially with my scale for weights and yields)... so that leaves us with needing to modify our temperature/pressure/time section of our process... so I will return when there is something new or I have a capsule update


  • We didn't want a all in one press because if something breaks you have to either replace the whole or really have to know your electronics etc... so we build our own... we have a 10t hydraulic press and a set of aluminum plates tapped and each plate has two thermals H/U to 2 PID's... we build it so if anything breaks we replace the part only... here is a picture...

    We are doing nothing post at the in post are you talking oven or purging...???.. I see no need for a purge as we used nothing but pressure/heat/time...

    Hops has no cannabinoid use as we are extracting for local craft breweries (they want extracts over actual hops) but probably not until the critical CO2 stage of our venture...

    And we are going to infuse some beer sometime as our one partner is into brewing and has a small micro set up brewery quality...

    Thanks for stopping by.

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