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Ethanol and CO2 after distillation

Good Morning.

I was thinking the last time about the final parameters of different distillates, and i have a question if you can help me guys.

  1. What would be the difference between 2 different distillates which start from different method of extraction? .In both distillations the same conditions. One of them starting from CO2 extraction, and the other one from cold ethanol extraction.

  2. Is the same start from Cold wash Ethanol extraction and warm ethanol extraction?

Thanks Guys, I have search a lot, but i havent find too much info. I appreciate if you could help me.



  • Following this thread as i am also interested in any answers you get to this.

  • Warm ethanol extraction would be a Soxhlet extraction. The ethanol boils up and extracts the cannabinoids. The problem with the temperature is that you will extract lipíds and waxes as well, besides the terpenes can be affected by this high temperature.

    Cold ethanol doesn't pick up waxes and lipids, but the cannabinoid recovery would be lesser as the solubility is lowered. (At higher temperature, the higher solubility you achieve, so more yield)

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