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Canadian start up seeking extraction machine reviews

edited November 2018 in CO2 Extraction

Hi All.
I am in the planning stages of setting up a small to medium size extraction business here in Ontario Canada. 10-20Lbs processing per day.(maybe scale up in future) We are looking to preform CO2 extraction method and be able to supply the "micro" growers with oil from their product and also produce our own products with flower,trim etc purchased.
Can anyone please refer me to some "real " reviews on CO2 extraction machines, start up costs, lab design requirements, size of building, etc...
Research on companies with the same footprint that we would like is very difficult here in Canada due to it still being in the "grey area'
Thank you for your time.



  • Our extraction business has about the same capacity as the volume of extraction you laid out. We do not max our capacity, but if we had the demand, could extract about 10lbs/ day. We use an Eden 20liter 2000psi CO2 extractor.
    If you want to talk to me about what equipment we use. Let me know. Almost 4 years of extraction now.

  • We also have an Eden machine (20L2K). We're happy to talk about our experience.

  • Please do share cost of the project. Am interested also in the same type of unit.

  • What are the main differentiators to use CO2 extraction method versus ethanol? We are in the process of evaluating ethanol extraction as we want to avoid winterization of the hemp. Thoughts?

  • I think it is price, and volumes, plus the peculiarities of each technique

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