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Exploring CO2 Extracts/Concentrates in Canada

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Good day all.

I am a licensed personal medical grower protected by a court injunction in Canada. I have over 25 years experience in micro-growing and am looking to make the step to personal extraction. I feel extracts are harm reduction when inhaling product due to less smoke inhaled and are much more pleasant in the flavor department. I use the vaporization method mainly but every now and again need the punch of a burned product, which extracts provide to me without having to burn a whole joint.

I am looking for baseline suggestions/information for a CO2 extractor that can provide me with concentrates on a small scale. I am looking for efficiency, quality and compactness.

Being new and only scratching the surface of information, I thought I would ask some more experienced people for feedback.

Suggestions please.

Thank you,



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  • I currently run a waters BBES. Its made by a company that seems like they aren't sure if they want to be in the industry or not so customer care is iffy. It is smaller scale. can be scaled up as needed. Can be dialed in to yield some great extractions depending on parameters of course. Has its issues but it works pretty well as long as maintenance is kept up. Also just got an Apeks sfe (made for cannabis) and look forward to getting into that. I hear that they have good customer service and a lot of people in the industry use them. Apeks also will scale up for whatever needs you have. Hope this helps a little bit at least.

  • Hey I'm in the same boat Canadian grandfathered in licence out and in. I'm looking into edem labs unit but it's used also have a rosineer rosin press that works well for rosin. Looking for a high flow supercritical co2 unit that does 2-8 lbs but machines are expensive once you go over 1/4 lb . Even small units are 5-10 k once everything is done. Lots I don't understand like vacuum and the reason and product it makes. Looks like a course in organic chemistry is a must if a guy don't want to be just a button pusher clock watcher like part of the apprenticeship lol have a great day aye.....

  • I too am a licensed medical grower. Check out Pure Extraction at I am buying one of their smaller machines, and it is made in Canada (Vancouver). Awaiting delivery now. Support local business in Canada.

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