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Extracting CBD & THC separately

Hello everyone on the forum,

I am looking some advice I’m starting out in the extraction business I’m in the U.K. and I will be growing plants with higher CBD content and I’m trying to find what system would be best suited for the job I need as I need it to contain no thc at all is there a process when extraction to separate molecules?

Also if anyone would know what costs would be for such a system.

Thanks in advance :smile:



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    Hello, There are many answers to this question depending on the end product...vape pen, capsule, tincture, etc. Simple answer is CO2 for high-terpene raw material and ethanol for high production. Caveat...once you get to industrial levels (tonnage) of production, co2 will be the best route. The raw oil will then have to go through molecular separation. Cannabinoids are difficult to separate so you have to use preparatory chromatography to separate the THC out.

    Having said that...the plants interaction with the human body in creating homeostasis for general well being or for treating illness REQUIRES more than just one molecule. See as an example. I understand regulations may require no THC, but keep this in mind for the future as those regulations will change.

    For more information on extraction and separation equipment I recommend contacting Eden Labs.

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