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Experience with Extraction Equipment Service Technicians?

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With the industry growing so rapidly has anyone thought of how to service their machines to increase longevity or the cost of a piece of equipment being down? I am currently in the food processing maintenance/refrigeration field, is there better opportunity in the field of cannabis?


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  • I too am interested in this emerging market. If you'd like to talk about a business model for a potential service and support solution provider? I currently am a Cryo medical device Service/support manager.

  • I think the idea of a 3rd party regional service company would be a great investment. i have all the knowledge as far as the electrical and mechanical aspects, but am lacking in business and investment knowledge. With Arkansas,Texas ,and Oklahoma on there way to medical i believe there will be a dier need for knowledge in not only extraction equipment but in all aspects of automation equipment. Anyone interested in this idea do not hesitate to pm me
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