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Extracting Terpenes - What's the Best Method? Blog from Fritz Chess

Hey everyone! Fritz Chess wrote a great blog about extracting terpenes, different methods, and application to natural health remedies. I thought I'd share some highlights from the blog and post the link (below).

"The traditional methods of terpene extraction is steam distilling and hydrodistillation. Steam distilling involves suspending a basket of herb above a vessel of boiling water. The steam passes through the perforated basket and penetrates the plant material. Only lighter oils such as monoterpenes are soluble in the steam. As the terpene-entrained steam passes out of the top of the distiller it comes in contact with a cooled condenser which liquefies the water and oils. The lighter oils float on the surface of the water and are easily collected. There is usually a water soluble fraction of oil that stays dissolved and gives the water a milky look. This is called hydrosol and is generally the type of herbal extract used in shampoos and cosmetics when an herb is listed on the ingredients. Hydrodistillation is similar to steam distilling except that the herb is placed directly in the boiling water."

Read more here:


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